Sound of Elegance Harpist

Marissa has extensive experience in the art of teaching the harp. Currently, she is the adjunct harp professor at Youngstown State University. She leads the harp program at CAPA 6-12 of the Pittsburgh Public School system. She also teaches at Pittsburgh Youth Concert Orchestra. She has maintained a private harp-teaching studio with students ranging in age from seven to adult.  

Marissa was the harp instructor of the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble in Atlanta, GA for two years and at Toccoa Falls College. Marissa was also the harp-teaching assistant at the Young Artists’ Harp Seminar for four summers.  She has conducted many harp ensembles, including at Beginning In The Middle, a training program for adult beginner harp students. 

Currently, Marissa is accepting new students.  All students have a one-hour private lesson on a weekly basis.  Beginners develop the necessary music theory skills required to read music.  Weekly assignments from music theory workbooks supplements areas needing improvement. Marissa emphasizes correct technique!  She comes from a background of schooling of the Salzedo method.  This technique helps students stay loose and relaxed while maintaining good posture so they can express themselves with ease.  It helps harpists avoid injuries and problems related to playing the harp.  Students begin learning the Salzedo technique from their very first lesson. As a student of the harp, students must own or rent an instrument for regular practice. Marissa suggests renting a harp from the Virginia Harp Center.